My Year with an All-Electric MINI

progress at work?

Posted in Uncategorized by Timothy Gill on June 23, 2009

Last week I made a short presentation to the Environmental Quality Committee of the federal work site I am doing consulting at (document management in support of software process improvement), to see if that would help get me permission to charge it some during the work day.  Today I heard from an environmental lawyer at the site, a really nice woman I spoke to after the meeting last week, and she said that my request had generated a lot of discussion among her lawyer colleagues and that she thought it might cause even higher levels in the government to look at policy ramifications for employee/contractor use of ZEVs (there will be more and more in the coming  year or two, right?).  Nice to think being a MINI E pioneer might have an effect like this!


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  1. maturinnyc said,

    Yup – it’s amazing the power that the simple question “Hi, can I plug in?” has. In one respect I feel like it’s the electrical equivalent of asking for free gas, and yet the response I’ve gotten is remarkably positive. I think people want to see this succeed, and are willing to part with some electrons of their own to help that along.

  2. Timothy Gill said,

    My experience is similar, despite the NOs so far. Basically, all the people I talk to are trying to help—and some are really nice and going out of their way—but the culture of the Federal bureaucracy seems to be that I can’t make this decision, I have to ask my boss. The decision on whether to let me plug in has apparently gone to Washington… It’s a little hard to believe that the bureaucracy is so dis-empowering, but I find it true in the work I do there as well. It’s head-spinning.

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