My Year with an All-Electric MINI

Still cannot drive to work

Posted in Uncategorized by Timothy Gill on June 16, 2009

Well, I have not been able to drive #486 to work yet, since I needed the assurance that I could charge it, somewhere, for a few hours in case it is below 50% when I get to work (44.5 miles).  I was able to get that today courtesy of a very pleasant manager of a self-storage business right next to my place of work (which, as a Federal government installation, seems to need a very high level person to make the decision to allow me to charge it a little during the day).  So I will be trying it on Thursday after it spends all day tomorrow charging.  My wife has driven it for 2 days and enjoys it a lot.

I am getting some erratic GFI problems: the GFI outlet has tripped a few times now, and I don’t notice it till the next day.  Sometimes it’s charged for an hour, sometimes for 8 or 9.  Don’t understand this.

I don’t have current “mileage” numbers in a format to post yet, but they don’t look good.  Some cycles I am using 1.3% charge for each mile, which would leave me stranded on the way home from work.  But maybe sustained driving on the highway will work better, as it did for Robert.

I am going to print up information cards to put in the car to hand out when people ask questions.  One link will be to Peder’s wonderful post on The High Cost of Cheap Oil.  Really nice.


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  1. Robert said,

    I think you can make 90 miles easily, just dont go much over 65mph on the highway. Whats the worst that could happen, you’d end up a couple miles short, and call for road side assistance to tow you home, and have a great story for your blog:)

  2. Tim Gill said,


    I hope you’re right. And yes, I would be close to home, and a little story would be OK. But then I’d be confronted with the reality of a lease on a car that cannot make it to my job and back…. If I cannot arrange charging at work, it would be an expensive weekend toy and I’d need to keep my temporary 3rd car.


  3. […] work out, I want to have some chance to make it home at night.  But maybe I should take Robert’s advice and relax and enjoy writing a blog entry about the first towing due to battery drain. Leave a […]

  4. Adam #161 said,

    The charge-distance puzzle still has me stumped as well. While I have not pushed the limits (fearing being stuck) I have yet to see a 100-mile distance potential (even taking into considering what I have left at the time of the charge). I am getting about 70 miles with about 15 miles potential left. It has inched upward a few miles from the first cycle….but my last 100% charge indicated a potential of 86 miles distance. It may be the software, my driving style, battery temp or a combination of factors. Just keeping a diary of each charge cycle to figure out the trick!

    • Timothy Gill said,

      Yes, I am using a spreadsheet to try to get some data that I can use to figure this out.

      On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 6:51 AM, ‘’ ( (Emailias: REPLY-MASKED) wrote:


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