My Year with an All-Electric MINI


Posted in Uncategorized by Timothy Gill on June 12, 2009

I got mine today, a day early—took a day off, I just couldn’t wait.  Dean and Mags at Morristown MINI were happy to accommodate me and so now I have a car.  It’s fun, of course.  I have impressions not only of the MINI E but of the MINI in general, since this is my first.  But not for tonight.  Well, except to say that the steering torque is strange; I’ve never felt that in a car (not that I’m much of a car person).  And the regen braking is even stronger than I expected, even after reading all the blogs!

I was kind of wondering what my car’s # would be, and I like it being #486.  I was working on the Unix product a long time ago (1990) when it was being put on the 486 chip, and I can’t believe they still use it…  :-\}

Best thing is my wife is actually excited too.  And she couldn’t even give it a test tonight as a French engineering student here for a week exchange program arrived for dinner.

Car is in my garage, seemingly charging OK back from 73%.

Oh, and I have had the same strange problem everytime I start it up:  I put in key, push Start, release brake, and put in gear—and nothing happens.  The car won’t move.  I repeat several times, and by 3rd or 4th time it moves.  No warning lights or anything.  I read manual some tonight, but I don’t think I was doing anything wrong…


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  1. aweisman7 said,

    #161 here from Hollywood. Tegarding the starting protecol, I noticed the same thing until I noticed I did not press the brake “as” I was pushing the start button. The key is seeing the dash board energy meter (in front of you) activating. I felt the same way the first day and read the manual… it is second nature. Of course what is really nerve wracking is learning this with the car on a hill!!!

    bon apetite

  2. Todd Crook said,

    When you get to the very last step just prior to putting it in gear and pushing the accelerator, do you see that the needle on the battery charge gauge has moved to indicate the battery charge. If it’s still at zero, you might not have pushed the key in all the way. I’ve done this a few times.

  3. nobullsavage said,

    Cool! I will update your number on my list of MINI E blogs:


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