My Year with an All-Electric MINI

Almost there!

Posted in Uncategorized by Timothy Gill on June 11, 2009

Today I spoke to Dean at Morristown MINI and he has a car ready for me.  I will get it Saturday.  I’m psyched.   I’ve had my doubts, but the wait has taken a toll on me.

I loved reading #19’s post today about having more power after his drive than when he started, when driving down Topanga Canyon Road in LA.  I remember driving that road when I lived in California, and it would be a blast in a MINI.

My contract got mailed back on Monday, but I don’t expect the wall charger install till next week or later; with the late cables, not a big deal.  My rental garage is working out, though they installed an AC unit on Monday and ran out of slots on their panel…  luckily for me, they added a small subpanel today, as they need it too for some lights.

I’ve had a little anxiety reading about the problems some people have had—but, hey, this is a field trial—and am especially worried about Robert #304’s problems with the GFI outlet in his garage.  I and many others have GFI in a garage, since it is required by code.  We’ll soon find out.

I have the additional problem that with an 89-mile commute, I will only be able to drive to work 3 days/week in the car until the 240v cable comes, since 13 hours of 110v charging won’t bring it to 100% charge.  And I’m already concerned about the 89-mile commute vs. the real range.  But MINI wouldn’t have let me in the program if they wouldn’t ensure I had a car that would make it for that commute… right?


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  1. Robert said,

    I dont think you’ll have a problem with your range, unless you plan to drive at 85 mph the whole way, most everyone is seeing ranges arround the 100 mile mark. GFI… well that concerns me as well.
    Have a great time with your car this weekend.

  2. Ed Kim said,

    Based on what I read at facebook group and other blogs, I think you will be testing the boundaries of the real range of the MINI E, especially when winter arrives. It appears running the AC isn’t as a big hit compared to running the heater. We really won’t know until we experience it on a daily basis. Enjoy the summer with the MINI E.

    Good luck! I get mine in 3 days (Tuesday) – SSN #017.

    Ed AKA MINI PIG #017

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