My Year with an All-Electric MINI

NYC Auto Show

Posted in Uncategorized by Timothy Gill on April 14, 2009

I took my son to the NYC Auto Show last night, mostly for me to see the MINI E but also because he likes cars and wanted to see a Ferrari up close (but it was roped off, so he couldn’t sit in it).  It was at the Javits Convention Center, where I went to computer industry trade shows for years—wow, is a car show a whole different kind of show:  very little information, lots of beautiful booth people, hardly anything to play with (unless getting in a car and pretending you are driving is a kind of play…  I guess it is, just not for me).

The MINI E was there.  It’s real.  I learned it does have an MP3 jack so I can connect an iPod.  The back storage is definitely small… not big enough for a bag of groceries!  The colors are nice.  I wonder how it will drive?

My son took a photo of me next to it.   In case my garage/power issues do not get resolved, I’ll have that…  and (4 weeks later) I have downloaded it from my camera:

Tim with a MINI E at the NY Auto Show



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  1. Steve Schibuola said,

    Hey, Tim. Wow – is the trunk really that small? From the pictures it looks like you can squeeze 3-4 grocery bags in there. I’m not expecting to haul furniture, but as our 2nd car it would be nice if the Mine E had more cargo capacity than my old motorcycle! Oh well, I guess that passenger seat is going to see a lot of cargo.

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