My Year with an All-Electric MINI

Aaarrgghhhh!!! My utility wants an arm and a leg…

Posted in Uncategorized by Timothy Gill on April 5, 2009

I learned Friday that my electric utility, PSE&G, wants to charge me $2600 to drop a line from a utility pole about 30 feet from my garage—and whatever else is required to allow that (the fellow who called me with the $ figure did not have the details).  This will kill my participation in the trial unless I find an alternative, as that comes on top of the $1800 quote from my electrician for the sub-panel and related installation.

Anticipating this, I had searched online for someone within PSE&G (the Google site:  advanced search query modifier is really useful sometimes) who might be involved with ZEVs and PHEVs, and I wrote him a letter, to see if there might be some programs/mandates/authorizations to make things easier (cheaper) for customers wanting to do alternative energy things.  He called me Thursday, and passed me to another person…  we’ll see.  He was very nice, but did not think there would be any recourse.  We’ll see next week.  I’m also thinking about approaching a next door neighbor who is very close to my garage (6′), or renting a garage a few hundred yards away from friends who only use it on weekends, with 1 car.

In the meantime, I got my e-mail from CFCI on Friday as well, and so I need to set up that appointment as well.  I have not given up!  (though I am losing hope).  I really want to take part in this trial.


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