My Year with an All-Electric MINI

Ah, no 1-foot MINI letters on the doors!

Posted in Uncategorized by Timothy Gill on March 16, 2009

Today I got some information, posted on a NAM site, that seems to resolve this issue in the way that I wanted—there will be no big MINI letters on the doors.  Good news—I won’t be a billboard.    I think the design of the car, with its yellow accents and plug-symbols (what MINI USA calls the visual cues), is already really nice, and the letters would have been a bad idea.


3 Responses to 'Ah, no 1-foot MINI letters on the doors!'

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  1. watcat said,

    Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. Peter said,

    That’s nice – any word when you’ll be getting the E? or, do you have to have the charging station installed first?

  3. tg2009 said,

    No, they have not informed us of when. The charging box has to be installed first, and then who knows. I think it won’t really start happening until May, frankly.

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