My Year with an All-Electric MINI

Taking a risk on electrical upgrade before I know 2 things

Posted in Uncategorized by Timothy Gill on March 15, 2009

I have not heard from Clean Fuel Connection about my garage/electric inspection, but I have learned from my electrician that the sequence of events for upgrading my garage to 240V is:

  • The electrician installs the sub-panel, the riser to receive the drop from the utility pole, grounding, etc.  This quote is now down to $1800.
  • The town inspects it and issues a permit that the electric utility needs.
  • The electric utility receives the permit and comes out to inspect the electrician’s work and informs them if all is OK to do a drop from a power line on the closest utility pole.
  • The utility installs 240V power to my new sub-panel.

This presents me with 2 risks of sorts:

  • I have to pay the $1800 before I even know the utility will drop a line to my new sub-panel (though the electrician doubts the utility would not approve her sub-panel install or power to my garage, though because it would be a second meter on my house, I wonder).
  • I have to pay the $1800 before I know if the MINI E will be coming with large letters on the side.  There are photos both ways on the web—with and without—and I have been thinking I don’t want to proceed with the lease if they are going to make me drive a big advertisement around.   Not sure yet, but it is rather unappealing.

I have not decided to get the panel installed yet, but need to this week!


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